Beginner’s Guide into NaroCAD Development

Resources needed:

Windows based computer [Windows XP or Vista].

Practical steps:


–> an IDE for .NET programming languages (e.g. Visual Studio 2008 Express [C# and C++ programming languages – optional for the wrappers]: or

SharpDevelop 3.2:

–> .NET Framework 3.5 + Service Pack 1:

–> Visual C++ 2–5 runtime SP1:

–> Visual C++ 2008 runtime SP1:

–> Visual C++ 2010 runtime SP1:

–> Versioning Control: TortoiseHG:

–> OpenCascade: – you need to register to download OpenCascade. The code of OpenCascade is opensource.

Getting and compiling the NaroCAD code:

1. Download the code sources from NaroCAD SourceForge Mercurial:

a. create a new folder/directory on your hard-drive

b. right click on it and then click the option TortoiseHG->Clone

c. in the dialog box paste in the “Source path:” field the HG link:

d. click OK and then wait until all the code source files are downloading.

2. You need to set several environment variables to be able to run NaroCAD. This is automatically done if you start Visual Studio using LaunchNaroOCC655.bat If you use Naro.snl, the application will not run.


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