Box Selection Status

This week I worked on implementing the box selection. I used the Solver implementation for Edge and Plane match to detect the lines and faces under the mouse and changed the Edge Match to include all types of edges, not only lines. This also improves drawing, as it allows points to snap to circles, arcs and ellipses.

The types of possible selections will:
1. Single 2D shape selection: by clicking on the shape. The shape’s property grid tab will appear.
2. Two 2D shapes selection: by clicking on the shapes while pressing Shift. The constraints property grid tab for the two shapes will appear.
3. Multiple 2D shapes: by clicking on the shapes while pressing Shift or by box selecting them. A new selections tab will appear, displaying the shapes that are selected.
4. Single face of a solid: by clicking on the face. The dragging handler will appear.
5. A solid: by box selecting the visible faces of the solid.

I am now working on the implementation for the selections tab and the final changes for the solid box selection.

Status report

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