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The new version of NaroCAD will include several improvements for the Sketch functionality. One of them is the existence of three default planes: Front, Top and Right. They correspond to the yoz, xoy and xoz planes and are created automatically before any shape is drawn. In this case, all three planes are displayed and the user can select on which plane to draw. After a shape is drawn, the user can select any of the planes from the Tree View – the plane is displayed and can be used as any face for plane selection:

Another big improvement is the Enter/Exit Sketch functionality. For most cases, clicking the button added an unneeded step. The new release will remove this by merging the plane selection and drawing into one step – the button corresponding to a 2D tool can be clicked without having an active sketch – the user is prompted to select a plane for drawing and then draw the shape. Performing 3D operations (e.g. Extrude) doesn’t require exiting the sketch. When the Extrude button is pressed, the current sketch (if any) is automatically ‘closed’ and the user can select any of the existing sketches for Extrude. Enter existing sketch is simplified, as well. We can start editing a sketch by double clicking on any shape on it:

There are some minor improvements for these features and then we will release NaroCAD 1.8.7

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