Transformation Improvements

Yesterday I started working on the Transformation Improvements we have planned since the 1.8.2 version. The problem we currently have with transformations is that the order in which they are performed is needed to calculate the current transformation, but the code doesn’t store this information in any way. In the current version of the code, the order the sketches were built in is used and it works only in simple cases.

The transformation information will be kept in a list of objects with the following structure:
– Sketch Node Index – the sketch for which the transformation is applied
– Ref Sketch Node Index – if the sketch is built on the face of a solid, the index of the base sketch node will be stored here
– Transformation – the gpTrsf that is applied to the node
– Transformation Index – transformation ID number (incremented counter)

In the old code, each sketch had one transformation value, regardless of how many transformations were applied to it. In this new version, each transformation operation will have its own object in the transformations list. The order in which these need to be applied will be determined using the Transformation Index.

Status report

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